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Three companion surveys comprise the California School Climate, Health, and Learning Survey System. Although they vary in their focus and target populations (students, school staff, and parents), they all assess a common core of school-climate factors for comparability. Each survey is available in online and print forms, and can be customized with additional questions. To find out more about these surveys and access their websites, click on the name of the surveys below.

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) was developed to help schools identify the needs of students and guide efforts to meet those needs. It is a modular assessment of youth well-being and resilience; developmental supports in the school and community; and school safety, equity, and connectedness for students age 10 (grade 5) and above. Its modular structure enables the survey to be configured and customized to meet local needs and interests. Since 2003, California has required every school district in the state to conduct the survey in order to comply with the federal No Child Left Behind Act, Title IV.

The California School Staff Survey (CSSS) for staff

The California School Staff Survey (CSSS) for school staff assesses areas related to academic achievement and school improvement, teacher working conditions, and learning barriers, supports, and engagement. It includes a Special Education Supports Module that provides data to facilitate integration of general and special education, and meets the needs of students with special needs. The CSSS is also being used as part of the national evaluation of the federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students projects.

The California School Parent Survey (CSPS)

The California School Parent Survey (CSPS) was developed to encourage parent involvement in the process of improving schools, particularly in the areas of positive learning and teaching environments, and student achievement, health, and well-being. The 34-item, customizable survey can also be used as an effective tool in seeking solutions to help close the racial/ethnic achievement gap. Much of the content of the CSPS parallels content from the CHKS and CSSS, making it a useful tool to compare parent, student, and staff perceptions.

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